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This Night and Then is a game about people, their relationships and the changes of time. This game at its core is about endings.  We all universally will face an ending at some point in our life. I was partly inspired to write this game from my time in theatre.  The patchwork families made from shared experience built in the span of a production are some of my favorite memories.  We knew the show would end and we would have to say goodbye, but it made us appreciate the time we had.  So I created this game asking how do you create that in a game?  How do you tell a story of a group facing change?  How do we give this group depth, relationships and soul without spending years building them through game sessions?  We’re confident This Night and Then can do just that.

Why Buy This Game:

If you are a Tabletop RPG player or organizer, This Night and Then is a fun flexible game.  You can play this game as a one shot or a campaign, and the game works well for either.  The game doesn't require a game master and can be picked up and played with little to no prep.  We included a number canned scenarios so you can buy this game and start playing.  The game plays well for 2-6 players and has a run time of 2-5 hours.  There are no limitations if you so wish to play longer or add more players.  We have included in this release a LARP variant because our game is fairly close to being a LARP.  It is dice less, setting agnostic and the only limitations are really your imagination. We play tested this game with many audiences, it had evolved many times and we feel it is at its best version.  The game is not perfect but no game is.  What this game is, is  building the story of relationships and telling deep narrative fiction.  This game is good for strangers and friends.

Who Are We:

We are the Unnamed Game Company. My name is Gilbert (He/Him) and I am the lead designer.  My game design partner is Ceridwen (They/Them).  I officially created this game company prior to the Pandemic.  I was initially trying to do this my own and found that game design is better in a team.  After some failed choices it became just Ceridwen and me.  We are together POC, Neuro Divergent and LGBTQIA. We are very pro safety, pro diversity, pro community and pro arts.  I approach game design through the lens of an artist as that is who I am inside and out.  If that is your jam, then you might love our games.

We are a self funded company.  Every bit of our games so far have been paid for out of pocket.  We support paid opportunities whenever possible.  It is how we give back to the community that supports us. We hired 3 writers to bring in scenarios to our game.  We hired an artist Jules Blanc to handle our wonderful art. The Actual Play we recorded was performed by paid performers some of whom this was there first foray into the Indie TTRPG Actual Play space.  If you like to support us we welcome you and thank you.  But please support because you like the idea of the game and you would want to play it yourself.  Our desire is to create and release games that people want to play.  Funds we earn go back into creating better games in hopes one day to make this company 100% sustainable.

***PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot afford the game and there are no community copies available.  Please email us at theunnamedgameco@gmail.com and I will get you a download code. We believe games should be accessible and funds are not a sufficient barrier for you to not get to play our game.  All we ask is support us in other ways by following us on Twitter @UnnamedGameCo or writing a review for this game. Thank You***

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All-round an incredibly fun game. It cuts to the heart of what roleplaying games are all about. Over the course of a three-hour session, I got to know four perfect strangers and their characters, and as a group we experienced all the thrilling highs, crushing lows and memorable moments that would normally take an entire campaign to build up.

I really like this game


And we like you thank you so much for bringing us your energy to our AP.  It was wonderful